The Fashion Industry’s Careless Toxic Attitude

Billions and billions of clothing items are produced every year by the fashion industry to clothe the world. Most people love keeping up with the fashion trends, not giving any thought to the processes that go into producing the clothes. They do not know that the fashion industry is having a terrible impact on our fragile planet. Untreated toxic wastewater with lead, mercury and other toxins is dumped directly from textile factories into rivers. They are in fact one of the major polluters in the world, after the oil industry.

The fashion industry

Protect the Rainforests by Switching from Palm Oil

Palm oil, produced from trees in the tropical rainforests, is now the most widely used food oil. It is used in snacks, bakery products, detergents, cosmetics and biofuels. However, the production of palm oil is causing massive deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia. Some studies suggest that at the existing rate of deforestation, there will be no more rainforest in these countries by 2022. This has a devastating impact on wildlife with an estimated 50 orangutans dying every week due to palm oil cultivation. So, check your shopping labels and make sure you stop buying products with palm oil!

Orangutan in its natural rainforest habitat

Save The Planet

The state of our environment and planet is really serious and to ensure that we and the coming generations live happily on this planet, we need to save and heal mother earth. And this is not a one-man job. Each one of us needs to contribute in our own little ways.

Save the planet

Water conservation needs to be a focus

Droughts and water shortages are a growing concern around the world. Water conservation is about using water in an efficient way and educating the nations to look after the water we’ve left. The world’s burgeoning populations don’t seem to be concerned that we are running out of the most precious resource there is. Already billions of people don’t have access to safe water, and schemes to pipe water from one area to the next are shelved as the water dries up. Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility because, without water, the world will be out of business. No water, no life.

Need of water conservation