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"If the BioTruck team can make it all the way to Timbuktu on Biodiesel, I pledge that my next tank will be Biofuel bertil.casino."

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BioTruck II - Fossil Fuel Free Flying .

Following the extraordinary success on the first Chocolate Powered Biotruck Expedition which was independently certified as being the world’s first Carbon-Negative Expedition, and the grubby Grease to Greece Rally, the Biotruck team are now undertaking the most ambitious sustainably fuelled adventure ever. Since Septemeber 2009 they have been driving and flying around the world without using fossil fuels, powered only by rubbish.

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Andy and John arrive in Timbuktu
The First Biotruck Expedition on the BBC



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The Expedition set off from the UK on the 26th of November and arrived in Timbuktu on the 26th of December 2007 cherokee.casino.

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